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Who are you?

Mason Patrick. Age 19. Student at Texas A&M.

A&M? Don’t they listen to terrible music?

Yes. They do. Don’t remind me

What are you studying?

Electrical engineering. Far from a career in music right?

Do you play anything yourself?

I dable with electronic music and play guitar.

Are you single?

I don’t know what that has to do with anything, but yes.

How many concerts do you go to a year?

As many as i can.

Where do you find all of your news?

If not from the band’s newsletter, from Pitchfork. I just forward info to you.

Are all the reviews written by you?

Yes. And i try to write as many as possible but i can get tedious.

Can we be Facebook friends?!

Maybe. Will we actually talk? I would really prefer you just followed me on twitter (_masonbroday) or (masterlinktp).